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I have taken so many pictures of myself. I took a picture of myself after coming home from a party. If the make up still looked fresh then doubtless it would be my latest Facebook and/or BBM profile picture. If the make up had already faded, then I would call my dermatologist friend and complained about my oily skin (sigh) Those pictures however are not self-portraits, those are proofs of Narcissism.

Then I read about self portrait. And literally, on Christmas eve, ten minutes after reading that article, I decided to give it a try. How difficult is it anyway? Like I said, I have taken a lot of pictures of myself. So there I was, taking out the tripod, picking up which cameras to use, making a concept of the self portrait photo session, taking out clothes to wear.

Now, more than 24 hour after my first trial of self portrait photography I can say that although intriguing and fun, it’s far from easy. I clicked so many (too many?) shots and only get a few good pictures.

Here are ones of them. Which one do you like?


Mirror image.

I can't be without my earrings

Ashtanga yoga




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2011 Surprises : I’m not ready For This

At the end of 2010, I plan to do great things in 2011. I know they will come in my way as I know that the-not-so-good things will be waiting around the corner as well. I hope for the best and always prepare for the worse. Or so I thought but then the unexpected thing happens and I learn that I have never prepared for this.

You see, I am now in a position where I really despise my friend. He is not just any friend. He’s one of my really good friends and we’ve known each other for 12 years. I always look up to him for he’s a great guy (I know I really have to list his good qualities here but I’m already close to tears now).

Anyways, we’ve been through a lot. We both love yoga and meditation and have an ongoing debate on how to do a proper surya namashkar type 2 and do the proper sudarshan kriya. I learn a lot from him, he always has a profound understanding of spiritual things as well on the earthly things. And I introduced him to my other interest: photography.

Over time, he criticizes me on my pictures and at last on my Nikon D40 camera.

This Nikon D40 means a lot to me. This is my 28th birthday present from my (die-hard Canon camera lover) fiancé (he was still my boyfriend at that time) and this is my first DSLR camera. It took me almost a year and more than 5 trips to the camera shop to get it on the right setting. It becomes MY camera and I take a lot of great pictures with it.

Last February my friend looked at my camera in disgust and suggested that I should have my camera professionally cleaned. And despite my wish to only want to have the camera body cleaned, he ordered the technician (and not even a Nikon technician) to clean it inside out. That was the last time I saw my camera in one piece. The technician in that service place did something and my D40 just wouldn’t turn on. When finally they took my camera to Nikon authorized centre, the service charge cost more than a new Nikon camera.

If a shrink sits before me, he’ll ask me how I feel.

I’ll say that I’m sad, upset, and angry. I can’t tell you though if I’m feeling all that because of losing a camera or because I’m saying good bye for a 12 year long friendship.

Some lessons are learned, though.

I should never expect other people to know me and I learn that no matter how you think you’ve prepared for bad news, you can never be ready to part with something you really treasure. I know I’m not.

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Spending $ 1000 in an hour?

That’s easy.

Nikon DoF Old Skool Lens Cap

I’d go to the nearest mall 10 minutes away from here and head to the camera store. I’d buy a Nikon lens that I’ve been dreaming about.

Geez, i can’t believe I just spent $1000 in 25 minutes.

It would have taken longer if I had headed to the shoe store.

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