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44 reasons why I love my fiance

I asked my fiancé what present he wanted for his 44th birthday present. He couldn’t think of any. So we kinda make a discussion if I can find the list of 44 things about him. Let’s do it now!

Below is the 44 reasons why I love him (in random order) :
1. He has the loveliest green eyes
2. He is a genius
3. He knows the history of indonesia so well
4. He sucks at lying and ends up making fake excuses and lame names such as United Clean Sand organization
5. He’s funny – 3 stooges funny
6. He has a sexy morning voice when answering my daily wake up call
7. He sings rawhide much better and funnier than one in Blues brother
8. He has a pepsodent smile
9. He sends me flowers
10. He bought me an Ipod for no reason
11. He works really hard to make me happy
12. He likes dogs
13. He likes mountain climbing and hiking
14. He doesn’t mind that I don’t dive
15. He bought me a camera for my birthday
16. He has so many shoes
17. He tells great story
18. He doesn’t mind having more than one wedding reception
19. He likes to wake up late so I can have my morning yoga session undisturbed during holiday
20. He bought me a new ipod after the first one is broken
21. He jumps off the plane – parachuting
22. He creates a rhyming nicknames for me
23. He made the first approach
24. He stands by me
25. He always calls our immigration lawyer right after his payday
26. He doesn’t realize that I snore
27. He’s a great kisser
28. He gets along well with parents
29. He thinks all my pictures are cute and my songs are pretty. I think he’s lying but I love him for trying
30. He’s a great analyst
31. He’s a great athlete
32. He bought me a nicer camera after my boss ruined the first one
33. He encourages me to try new things
34. He’s so patient
35. His idea of being pampered is me plucking out his facial hair
36. He prays every night for me
37. He always gives me clues that I should have a cooler gadget (iPad, kindle) although I’m not a gadget freak
38. He appreciates classier things in life (yes, classier means expensive)
39. He’s a generous guy
40. He says thanks to strangers
41. He’s open to new ideas
42. He likes to give me pop quiz about him
43. He trusts me blindly
44. He loves me -an uptown girl- just the way I am

Happy birthday baby bear! Mwah


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Predicting my future when I was 21

Life is pretty different than one I'd predicted when I was 21.

The future

For starter, I never thought that I would still have problems with acne, like I was still 15. It had never entered my mind, that I would still have to go to dermatologist twice a week to treat my skin.

Then my marital status, ten years ago I thought that I'd be married to someone when I turned 26 or 27. A complete Javanese wedding rituals would have taken place in the house followed by a medium big wedding reception. A wedding for a Javanese princess, exactly what my mom had once told me.

Ten years ago I never really thought so much about where I would be working. But I'm pretty sure that working in my current position had never entered my mind.

Not all my predictions have gone wrong though. I knew that my friendship with my best friends will be as strong as what we have right now. It has lasted for more than 15 years and the bond can't get any better than this.

In the last ten years I may have a few regrets, but then again, it's too few to mention. My life may not work as what I predicted, but life's still awesome and I'm thankful for that.

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Love Is A Many Splendored Thing

Love is a many-splendored thing,

Love is a many-splendored thing,
It’s the April rose that only grows in the early spring,
Love is nature’s way of giving a reason to be living,
The golden crown that makes a man a king.

Once on a high and windy hill,
In the morning mist two lovers kissed and the world stood still,
Then your fingers touched my silent heart and taught it how to sing,
Yes, true love’s a many-splendored thing.

This song popped into my head while driving this morning. This takes me back to a day in the mid-90’s.

My dad played this song and hummed this continuously I thought I’d go crazy. What is “splendored”, anyway? It sounded like a made-up word.
Not long after that my brother with his baritone/tenor voice sang this song be-a-u-ti-ful-ly. He kept singing this song at home, in the car while driving me to school, and in parties (where he voluntarily performed). For years I’d disliked this song.

When this song popped into my head this morning though, I see the beauty of this song and smile for the memory of that day in mid 90s.

Love, after all, is a many splendored thing.

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It’s too much to hope for;

It’s too much to hope for a life without pain,

It’s wrong to expect a life without pain,
For pain is our body’s defense.
No matter how much we dislike it,
And nobody likes pain,
Pain is important,
For pain we should be grateful!

How else would we know,
To move our hand from the fire?
Our finger from the blade?
Our foot from the thorn?
So pain is important,
And for pain we should be grateful!

There’s a type of pain that serves no purpose,
That’s chronic pain,
It’s that elite band of pain that’s not for defense.
It’s an attacking force.
An attacker from within
A destroyer of personal happiness
An aggressive assailant on personal ability
A ceaseless invader of personal peace
A continuous harassment to life!
Chronic pain is the hardest hurdle for the mind to jump.
Sometimes it is almost impossible to jump,
Yet, we must keep trying,
And trying,
And trying.
Because if we don’t it will destroy.

From this battle will come some good,
The satisfaction of overcomig pain.
The achievement of happiness and peace, of life in spite of it.
This is quite an achievement,
An achievement very special, very personal,
A feeling of strength
Of inner strength
Which has to be experienced to be understood.

So, we all have to accept pain,
Even sometimes destructive pain.
For it is part of the scheme of things,
And the mind can manage it,
And the mind will become stronger for the practice.

— Jonathan Wilson-Fuller

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Closets I’d love to raid

I can’t think of one person’s closet I would most love to raid.

Jacqueline Kennedy’s Evening Gown

But I can think of 3! They will be : Jackie O’s; Jennifer Lopez’s and Reese Witherspoon’s.

I always love Jackie O’s style. May it be her gowns, her shift dress, her pill box hat (which I can never sport), or her jodhpurs (another thing I can never pull off). Elegance and stylish is what I have in mind when looking at her. She’s just perfect and it’s no wonder why she’s one of the most photographed woman in the world.

Now, J-Lo. She just knows how to accentuate her body. Not every body know how to do this. She knows what’s work for her, she wears it and be a trend-setter, while others just become the followers.

Last but not least, Reese Witherspoon’s red-carpet dresses. She has a petite body (and surprise surprise, I’m also a petite, i’m actually tiny) yet she can look tall (no, I’m not talking about the high heels). She has all the right dresses and I love to steal them

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Color me, baby

I love black. I used to wear black all the time. I actually wore black too often that following things happened:
a. People from abroad would buy me something black without further thinking. Imagine that others got colorful Indian sari/Japanese kimono and I got the black one
b. When there was a get together with a dress code, I always found a way to create a “gothic” or “back to basic” theme so I could wear black
c. I could tell the difference between one black to another. For me my Biyan LBD is bluish black while the Mango LBD is charcoal black, for my friends and siblings they’re plain black
d. After spending nights and days in a road trip with friends, one of their girlfriends asked me if I wanted to borrow her top since I only brought one clothing item.
e. Authorities (read : parents) threatened me to pay them back for every black clothing item I purchased.

Not long after getting out from college, I read an interview with one of Hollywood starlets whose closets I love to raid, “wear color that’s opposite to your hair color”. At that moment I had my hair colored burgundy and man it looked pretty unattractive with my black tops/LBD/shirts. I instantly thought of my dad’s color palette. The opposite of red is either yellow or blue. The problem with blue was all my blue clothes are navy-blue, they were almost black. So I opted for yellow. You can say that yellow was my new black.

my LBDs : different black

I didn’t really believe that wearing a certain color could actually affect the mood and how you looked at life. But I have to admit that yellow changed my life. I found myself more optimistic of the unknown future and my gloomy days were gradually over. And unlike black, yellow does actually have a lot of hues, there’s canary yellow; mango yellow; sunshine yellow and other yellows I can’t name. Ah, but you can see lots of yellow in this below picture.

Ain't a mellow color

My love affair with yellow quite ended at the end of 2010. I treated all colors the same since then. I treated them fairly by keeping a journal. In 1 month I have to wear a certain times for certain shades of color. If you think I’m crazy, believe me that you’re not the first one and you’re welcome to think that way.

I still love black. My room is all black, the bed, the closets, the bookshelf, the dressing table. I just color my wardrobe colorful.

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I’d consider moving here

North Carolina Zoo

1. Fayetteville, NC

Because the man I love lives there, because of the Cape Fear River Trail and because how cheap Clinique products are.

2. New York City, NY

It’s unexplainable, but ever since I can remember I always want to live here

3. London, UK

I like the fact that it’s almost always cloudy and drizzling in London.

And so that I can sing, “I saw you there and in a foggy London town, the sun is shining everywhere” again

4. Johannesburg, South Africa

A big city which is only hours away from Kruger National Park, I can’t ask for more

5. Jaipur, India

Less crowded than New Delhi and a historical city.

This is going to be my home base when I write the travel book (for high maintenance tourist) on India

6. Jogjakarta, Indonesia

A city closest to my root.

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