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44 reasons why I love my fiance

I asked my fiancé what present he wanted for his 44th birthday present. He couldn’t think of any. So we kinda make a discussion if I can find the list of 44 things about him. Let’s do it now!

Below is the 44 reasons why I love him (in random order) :
1. He has the loveliest green eyes
2. He is a genius
3. He knows the history of indonesia so well
4. He sucks at lying and ends up making fake excuses and lame names such as United Clean Sand organization
5. He’s funny – 3 stooges funny
6. He has a sexy morning voice when answering my daily wake up call
7. He sings rawhide much better and funnier than one in Blues brother
8. He has a pepsodent smile
9. He sends me flowers
10. He bought me an Ipod for no reason
11. He works really hard to make me happy
12. He likes dogs
13. He likes mountain climbing and hiking
14. He doesn’t mind that I don’t dive
15. He bought me a camera for my birthday
16. He has so many shoes
17. He tells great story
18. He doesn’t mind having more than one wedding reception
19. He likes to wake up late so I can have my morning yoga session undisturbed during holiday
20. He bought me a new ipod after the first one is broken
21. He jumps off the plane – parachuting
22. He creates a rhyming nicknames for me
23. He made the first approach
24. He stands by me
25. He always calls our immigration lawyer right after his payday
26. He doesn’t realize that I snore
27. He’s a great kisser
28. He gets along well with parents
29. He thinks all my pictures are cute and my songs are pretty. I think he’s lying but I love him for trying
30. He’s a great analyst
31. He’s a great athlete
32. He bought me a nicer camera after my boss ruined the first one
33. He encourages me to try new things
34. He’s so patient
35. His idea of being pampered is me plucking out his facial hair
36. He prays every night for me
37. He always gives me clues that I should have a cooler gadget (iPad, kindle) although I’m not a gadget freak
38. He appreciates classier things in life (yes, classier means expensive)
39. He’s a generous guy
40. He says thanks to strangers
41. He’s open to new ideas
42. He likes to give me pop quiz about him
43. He trusts me blindly
44. He loves me -an uptown girl- just the way I am

Happy birthday baby bear! Mwah


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10 reasons why (I think) the 60's is a fascinating time period

Of all the decades that I’ve lived in (’80s, ’90s, 2000s), I think the ’90s is the coolest one. Probably because of my memorable youth years happened in that decade. Really memorable, fun and a great decade.

But. If I should choose the most fascinating one, without a doubt I say it’s the ’60s. Why?

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Because :

1. Jack and Jackie Kennedy.
I love them. His brain and her look is a fatal combination.

2. The Beatles and the British invasion.
They rock!

3. Motown is founded.
My soul is in the making.

4. Lots of movements happened : African American Civil right movements and Gay Rights movements.
You do know that I love being a part of history, don’t ya?

5. Mary Quant’s mini skirt
In my mind, I have loooong legs.

6. Breakfast at Tiffany’s with George Peppard and Audrey Hepburn
“So what?” “So plenty!”

7. Human landed on moon.
How cool is that? Way cool.

8. The G-30s PKI coup in Jakarta
I know it’s scary but I want to know how it was like.

9. The Rat Pack
’nuff said.

10. Bossa nova in Brazil by A.C Jobim and Joao Gilberto
Without them, I wouldn’t be this jazz.

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When in doubt : my to do list

One may think I’m just joking after reading this list. But I really do this.
When in doubt I will :

1. Listen to Frank Sinatra

2. Listen to The Beatles

3. Watch FRIENDS

4. Watch Godfather

5. Listen to Ajahn Brahm’s Dhammatalk

6. Sing

7. Meditate

8. Drive / Walk

9. Read Jostein Gaarder’s Orange Girl 

10.  Read Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist

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I’d consider moving here

North Carolina Zoo

1. Fayetteville, NC

Because the man I love lives there, because of the Cape Fear River Trail and because how cheap Clinique products are.

2. New York City, NY

It’s unexplainable, but ever since I can remember I always want to live here

3. London, UK

I like the fact that it’s almost always cloudy and drizzling in London.

And so that I can sing, “I saw you there and in a foggy London town, the sun is shining everywhere” again

4. Johannesburg, South Africa

A big city which is only hours away from Kruger National Park, I can’t ask for more

5. Jaipur, India

Less crowded than New Delhi and a historical city.

This is going to be my home base when I write the travel book (for high maintenance tourist) on India

6. Jogjakarta, Indonesia

A city closest to my root.

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