If I Were a Dog

28 Jul

My family used to have 24 dogs. Twenty-four. No, we were not a breeder.


My family used to have 24 dogs. Twenty-four. No, we were not a breeder.

My old man and my had ma started with 2 dogs and they, you know, bred. None of the family members had any heart to sterilize the gods nor to sell the puppies, we did give some puppies to people who had a good track recorder with dogs though.

"My family used to have 24 dogs"

It was a great line and had become a great ice-breaker telling people that we used to have twenty-four dogs. They were mixed-breed and they were all playful. We kept them since we love them not because we were proud showing them off around.

My mom now has a pure-bred shih-tzu named Thomas Phillip. I'm sure (after living with the dog for the last 3 years) that I'm nothing like Thomas, personality traits and resemblance wise. For starter, I'm not that spoiled a girl and I don't follow people around like that nosy dog. I'm sure I'm nothing like a pomeranian (which will come to the house next week as my mom's next dog). I'm not that yappy.

I may be a German shepherd, I'm nervous being around noisy kids (and crying babies). I may be a Jack Russel Terrier because : I'm good at hunting, I'm loyal to my loved ones, and one shouldn't forget the one blue eye (one bruised eye to be exact) that I had once.

So there you go, a mixed of German Shepherd and Jack Russel terrier.

ps : I'm cute also, so I guess it's a mixed between German Shepherd, Jack Russel terrier and a maltese.

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